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Patient Dialogue

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Select a category or scroll to learn more.

Patient Education Session:


A face-to-face education session with a Clinical Educator who explains how to prepare and take BYDUREON, as well as how to register for the ongoing 90-day support program.

90 days of personalized, ongoing support for your adult patients with type 2 diabetes who attend the live BYDUREON Patient Education Session.

Living Healthy With Type 2 Diabetes

For adult patients with type 2 diabetes. A face-to-face education session with a Clinical Educator to learn about eating healthy and being active as well as to discuss goals for incorporating those changes into their lives.

Session topics include:

Eating Healthy
  • Type of food
  • Meal planning
  • Carbs and eating healthy
  • Tips for eating out
  • How to read food labels
Being Active
  • How to fit physical activity into your life
  • Activity demonstrations
  • Staying motivated with your physical activity

Sessions incorporate hands-on resources, along with group discussion and activities, to create an experiential learning environment. Each topic also includes supporting materials for attendees to take home.

How do I sign my patients up?

Download the Meet With an Educator  form. Give the form to your patient to sign, then fax it in on your patient's behalf. Or, patients can schedule a session by calling 1-855-793-6400.


Talking to Your Patients About BYDUREON

Here's some helpful information to review with your patients when starting BYDUREON

Once-weekly BYDUREON: No need to titrate

  • With weekly doses, exenatide concentrations gradually rise to steady state at 6 to 7 weeks and are maintained thereafter
  • In a clinical trial, patients on BYDUREON achieved an average A1C reduction of 1.6% and weight loss of 5.1 lb at 24 weeks
  • BYDUREON is not indicated for the management of obesity, and weight change was a secondary endpoint in clinical trials.
  • Always review the Medication Guide, including information regarding the risk of thyroid C-cell tumors and pancreatitis, Instructions for Use, and dosing and administration with your patients

Injection-site bumps

Typical size of bump
  • Patients may experience a raised bump at the injection site
  • In a clinical study in which nodules were analyzed, 77% (n = 31) of patients developed a bump ranging in size from 0.25 to 2.0 cm in diameter at the injection site. This bump was associated with the microspheres and was a localized inflammatory response that generally resolved in 3 to 6 weeks without medical intervention
  • There have been postmarketing reports of serious injection-site reactions (eg, abscess, cellulitis, and necrosis), with or without subcutaneous nodules, with the use of BYDUREON. Isolated cases required surgical intervention


BYDUREON Resources and Support


Help your patients begin BYDUREON, and we’ll offer additional support as they continue. Patients can access these resources either by enrolling in the BYDUREON support program or contacting a BYDUREON Care Partner at 1-877-700-7365.

Welcome Kit

Patient brochure with additional information about BYDUREON and instructions on how to enroll in the patient support program

BYDUREON Care Partners

Live specialists can review preparation and administration, and help patients with their injection. Available 7 days a week at 1-877-700-7365

Convenient, easy-to-use website with answers to most BYDUREON questions

Ongoing Motivation

Timely communications intended to keep patients inspired, informed, and supported to stay on BYDUREON therapy

Dosing Reminders

Patients can sign up online for weekly email alerts to remind them to administer BYDUREON

BYDUREON 12-Week Turnaround Program

Get your patients headed in a new direction–or their money back

Healthcare Professionals

We also offer resources for healthcare professionals to help on-board and support their patients on BYDUREON. Contact your AstraZeneca sales representative to learn more.

BYDUREON Demonstration Kit

In-office training resource that consists of a reusable replica of the single-dose tray or BYDUREON Pen to show patients how to prepare and administer BYDUREON


Designed to help you initiate and support your adult patients on BYDUREON


The AstraZeneca Clinical Educators Program Offers Clinical Educator Support Directly to Your Patients

 SteadySTART Patient Education Session

 SteadySTART Patient Education Session

 SteadySTART Patient Education Session


Designed to be patient-friendly.


Designed to be patient-friendly.

Patient Support

Patient Support

Free resources for your patients on BYDUREON.

Patient Support

Free resources for your patients on BYDUREON.